Where do we see moments of your personality in the ecru collections?

I love the pieces that look treasured and collected from the very beginning. Pieces such as our teak arabesque trays, our brass dotted bowls, and our palm etched glass plates. I truly believe that in a hundred years- they are designs that will remain treasured and relevant. As for fabrics- I love making the perfect- slightly off and organic. That’s why I designed our gingham in a more elongate crossover and I knew that the artisans would sometimes not line it up perfectly- I find massive charm in that. Also our skinny palm print with the darker background puddle was meant to create an old school ikat polka dot pattern from a distance. I love it. I am not a delicate sort of girl, and that is when you arrive at our accessories. I love the bold and heavy, the statement, the presence. For that reason you see our calligraphy charms large and our coins solid. I mean, if you are going to wear the one you love around your neck- make sure the world can see it.

Which color best describes your personality?

I am definitely the more earthy girl in the mix. I adore hues of green around my house. My first house had celadon green curtains and they created a beautiful light into the living room. In my second home my huge sofa was upholstered with a forest green fabric. I think it is a beautiful way of bringing the outdoors in. I fell in love with our green eye etched tumblers and use them always. The linen artichoke table linens are another of my favorite. And the green gingham makes for the freshest backdrop for food.




Please list 6 Instagram accounts that inspire you.

I use Instagram to inspire and lift me and I feel so lucky to have found the joys of the media rather than the downfalls. Many of my accounts I will mention have a lot to do with children, because the community of mothers, their support and reach, have taught me so much about the type of mother I choose to be. Others fall under the category of dreamy design- interiors or florals or foods. Because those are my loves.

Thoma Salm3ida – This account is of an artist and nature loving mother who creates the most incredible crafts with her son. Super inspiring.

Mama Papa Bubba – I began following this account and was in awe with the way this teacher homeschools her beautiful children. I admire how she integrates difficult present day social issues into her teaching with her children. And how surprising that months after being a fan she mentioned how she once lived and taught in Kuwait!

Elaine Welteroth – This woman is happiness personified. She maneuvers her followers through the shiny lights of her professional life whilst still being the true her on the stoops of Brooklyn with her new husband. She is a reminder to keep at your dreams and that you can create your most beautiful life.

Slow Roads – A dreamy wonderland of architecture, culture, history, art and everything in between. A feast for your eyes.

Hattie Molloy – The most unique floral arrangements that displace you from reality and take you somewhere only dreams are made of.

Yoli And Otis – I grew up spending my summers in Majorca, so when I found this beautiful family living their most glorious life in this magical island, I just relished the voyeurism. A sustainable and elegant brand living the lifestyle they market.

Where was a place you visited that truly shaped you?

One of my most memorable trips was to dynamic Brazil. One of my dearest friends was getting married so I had the honor of visiting her country and touring all around. My favorite stop was to the area known as Bahia, and any fellow lover of the movie The Three Caballeros will remember it well. Its pure untouched nature, endless beaches and the most hospitable people. My most memorable days was spending it swimming in the ocean, whale watching on a boat, basket weaving with banana leaves and ending it dancing with locals when we happened upon a young local band playing in their town. The food, the energy, the beauty is simply incomparable.

What is your ideal menu for a wonderful meal with friends?

I love food, I enjoy thinking about what I get to eat every single day. Now I am imagining a warm summery day, so my ideal meal would be-

A green salad simply bursting with fresh herbs, a massive pot of lemongrass chili coconut clams, freshly grilled thick crusty sourdough bread, and an assortment of charred vegetables on the side. Finished off with the most lemony key lime pie so sour that your tastebuds tingle. A hands on, dripping down your elbows sort of feast.

What is a moment of self indulgence you take for yourself during your day?

I take great joy in long walks. It’s a time that I use to move my body but also it truly allows me to relax my mind. I love stories as well, so at this time I use it to hear stories on Podcasts. Sometimes they are varied personal stories from The Moth and other times they are true crime from Red Collar or Crime Junkie. And now in the dead of Summer- wake yourself up at 4:50am and watch that sunrise before the heat creeps on in. Walking was my way of discovering new cities and at the same time discovering my mind. I highly recommend it.

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