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Hand Block Printed / Hand Woven Textiles 

This depends on how long you would like your textile to last. Hand block printed textiles prefer to be hand-washed for longevity, how ever they can be machine washed at 40 degrees using a mild detergent. When ironing, always best to iron on the opposite side of the printing. 

Bright pigments always like to run – that is the nature of their personality. If you care to be extra safe, although we have worked to fix these colors, we suggest that you wash your brights with your washing machine set at 40 degrees with an added cup of vinegar, or two tablespoons  of salt to help those brights from running away.  

 Hand Woven With Silver Thread

This is usually too delicate to go into the washing machine so is best to send to the dry cleaners.



Ah, embroidery and the washing machine aren’t friends at all! They fight and tear each other apart. They are much more friendly with the dry cleaners.

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