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Kuwait Team 

Chris has been working for us from the get go. She tends to our clients and now has a clear vision of what it is that everyone likes and what they don’t. She’s always joyful and smiling and provides a lot of excellent feed back based on what she observes. Chris is always there for us when we need her and we highly appreciate it. Her favorite film is Superman, staring Henry Cavill to be specific, she loves the color yellow and her ice cream!

WilmaWilma coordinates our office in Kuwait, she deals with retail administration and has been extremely flexible in adapting to everything that we have passed her way. She wears many hats, the perils of being a small team and at times has to deal with a lot of pressure, but does so with a lot of grace.  She’s always positive, and extremely wise, which makes for the ideal team member.  Wilma’s favorite movie is The Three Idiots and her favorite color is lavender.

TheoTheo is so organized he’s changed our World around. Our stock is meticulous, it makes us feel so good every time we go through our stock to see such systematic organization. Apart from that Theo meticulously wraps each and every one of our orders at ecru, makes sure that they are all organized before they go out for delivery. He’s a wonderful addition to our team and his efficiency is inspiring. His favorite dish is Pinakbet Ilokano and his favorite color is yellow – but also blue!

India Team

India Team IllustrationsAbdul Ji climbed the ladder extremely quickly at ecru, initially hired to tidy up our bustling office in Jaipur, it was not long before we realized he was over qualified. Today Abdul Ji wears many hats, and turns out he’s excellent at human psychology as he’s been known to diffuse certain frictions that can occur, tiny ones of course.  Abdul ji’s beaming smile warms our hearts. His favorite dish is Biryani and his favorite song is ‘Chitti Day Hai’.

Amit Indian TeamAmit Ji recently started to work with us, when he first approached us we were worried not to have enough work for him, now thanks to his skills and enthusiasm we have a constant flow of clothing produced that everyone seems to love, enough work to make a busy schedule.   Amit Ji loves working with the team at the office, but not as much as he loves his Gulab Jamun!

Banwari Indian TeamBanwari Ji is a driving force at the ecru Jaipur office, multi talented he takes care of many things, from production of objects and events to photography. His talent for photography has been a recent discovery. When he first started working with us, almost five years ago, he was extremely shy, to the point of not even making eye contact, luckily we have gotten past that stage and now find it almost difficult to get him to stop working once he has started, a real cornerstone to our team. His enthusiasm is contagious. Banwari Ji loves his Dal Batti Churma.

Harish JiHarish Ji is a true artist, with all the characteristics of one. He’s meticulous with his drawing and painting skills, and will spend hours perfecting whatever it is that he works on.  Harish Ji has tackled so many projects with us. He worked on recreating the illustrations of Nur for the incredible murals at 28 Kothi, as well as other interior projects. He has an eye for detail in drawing like very few people have. His favorite color is blue and his favorite movie is Mughal e Azam.

Vimal JiWhen Vimal Ji joined our admin team we felt the rev in our engine. Things started to work much more smoothly and our accounting became less scary a task! A pillar in our administration. We are no longer afraid of bureaucratic work as we have Vimal by our side.  The content of his tiffin versus Sakshi’s is often a topic of discussion and debate, friendly ones of course. Vimal’s two favorite colors are beige and green, and his favorite dish is paneer paratha with chutney.

Vikrim Ji

Vikram Ji is our observant team member. He observes silently but then retaliates with comments that make everyone giggle. Although he is meant to be the office driver he to finds himself multitasking. Helping with all of our events, making sure that we have all the equipment necessary, a task he has mastered. His favorite film is M.S Dhoni and his favorite dessert is Rasgulla.

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