Our Story

Noor & NurWe were two girls who grew up together in Kuwait, absolutely inseparable from the day we were born, with the same name spelt differently, Noor and Nur. We were lucky to have parents who were full of fantasy, and received lavishly, with an abundance of warmth and generosity, as is done in most Arab homes. Boredom was never served at home. There were morning coffee chats, many of them, filled with friendly gossip, interpretation of dreams and problem solving. Lunches were long, food was abundant and wholesome and always served with reminders of how fortunate it made us. Evenings started early, with many of the same rituals, candle lighting, music playing, food preparation, bukhoor burning and storytelling. We had it very very good, and feel lucky about it.

As we grew into young adults we held on to these memories with all our might, and started to recreate them in our own ways. Soon ecru was born, a platform where we could share objects that we designed to allow us to recreate the same daily rituals that we grew up with. 

Noor, Nur, and HussahWe wanted to do it well, so we teamed up with another childhood friend, Hussah whom we wooed away from the ministry of arts and letters. Hussah was integral in creating a strong logistical machine to launch ecru as a business.  

Nur at this point had been living in Jaipur for a few years and had delved deep into her passion for crafts, the match was perfect. ecru would build their universe with the incredible craftsmen and women of India with whom Nur had already established relations.

A proper brand was formed presenting limited collections of objects, furniture and clothing inspired by all that we were exposed to. 

ecru TeamAs the brand grew, and will hopefully continue to grow, so does the team. 

Sakshi and Nur met in Jaipur and developed a strong bond, they tackle the emotional turbulences of production together. Another very close friend, Nada was brought on board to expand ecru’s creative fields. Deborah, also living in Jaipur at the time, began by designing the scenography for all the beautiful pop-ups that started ecru. 

Today we are a team of friends who work together to share with you a universe that we hope you enjoy as much as we love creating.

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