Where do we see moments of your personality in the ecru collections?

Semi precious stone jewelry, specifically the chokers.  I have the lapis one, and really regret not getting the malachite one! I wear it all the time with different brass charms we made, such as my alphabet coins, Zodiac Taurus medallion, or recently with the Sacred Heart Locket.

After seeing the success of the Alphabet Charms we created with Sophia 203 and in brass, I thought the next step with Astrology.  Since Nada and I are obsessed with our horoscopes.  I suggested the idea to her, and she created an amazing mood board and designs with suggested lucky colors for each sign.

My favorite fashion collections are the resort collections.  They evoke a classic getaway glamour, that remind me of Slim Aarons photography.  I’ve always loved what Nur did with noon before we started ecru.  It was exciting when we started our loungewear line in our third year, as ecru loungewear is my part of daily uniform now, and noon is what I love to dress up in.  I love the louder colors and prints.  I love Take Me to the Tropics, so I love whenever we revive the prints from that collection.  This year we released the Huss Dress, which was based on the many A Line dresses I usually wear in the summer to the office.  One of my favorite dresses created by noon, is the Queen dress we made for Twist Me Dip Me Dye Me.  We are reviving it soon, but with a little edit.  Also, the fabrics that were made from 25 Miles from the Dessert are so luxurious.  I can’t wait to wear my Turquoise Tracy dress on a Mediterranean beach next summer!

It’s no secret that I love color.  It was exciting when we created our series of colored glass.  I suggested the stirrers in colors, and then Noor suggested to expand color into glasses.  They really make me happy.

Which color best describes your personality? What does it make you feel and how do you use it in your daily life?

A tie between pink and yellow.  These two colors just make me happy.  I love wearing them both.  I love a pink lip!  As for yellow, my main piece of furniture at home is a mustard velvet couch.  Yellow really cheers me up, as for pink it just makes me feel extra feminine.

Please list 6 Instagram accounts that inspire you.

This Was Fashion – I’m obsessed with old movies and vintage fashion.  Carla Valderrama has this account and @thiswashollywood that is an archive of amazing fashion and Hollywood content.  On This Was Fashion, she has these amazing quizzes and surveys about fashion.  In addition to the funniest Pathè videos of bizarre fashion trends.

Katie Jane Hughes – I really love watching makeup tutorials.  They’re so meditative and informative!  Katie is an amazing educator, and her looks are so accessible.  She’s always teaching great techniques and introducing me to new makeup brands.

Italy Segreta – During the pandemic this was my virtual escape.  It takes you to the most beautiful and remote locations in Italy.


La Maison du Pastel – Founded in 1720 – This Maison makes pastel colors.  They still make everything by hand in limited quantities.  They also sell antique paint and colors.  The location of the factory is gorgeous.  The videos of them mixing, molding, and packing the colors are so hypnotic.

Sopranos Hand Gestures – The Sopranos is my favorite television series.  I can watch it, listen to podcasts about it, and or read all about it all day.  This account is basically clips of muted scenes from the show, that highlight the amazing hand gestures from the amazing characters of the show.

Half Baked Harvest –  This is my go to cooking account.  Tieghan just makes cooking easy and fun.  The variety of recipes she has are great, which makes it easy to try new flavors and techniques on a weekly basis without feeling overwhelmed.  I also love her photography and food styling.

Where was a place you visited that truly shaped you?

Boston, Massachusetts.  Going to college abroad really shaped me, but it wasn’t just the school but the city itself and the beauty of the Northeast of the United States.  Experiencing four seasons was exciting, coming from Kuwait where we just really experience a hot summer and cold winter.  Seeing leaves change during the autumn months is breath taking, and then how trees bloom after a cold winter in spring.  I also loved living in a city, and using public transportation really inspires me!  I just loved the days where you get lost in a city.  I also developed amazing friendships, with great people.  My last trip before the pandemic was a road trip in New England during the fall.  I got to see old college friends, and it was mesmerizing to experience these colors again.

What is your ideal menu for a wonderful meal with friends?

Grazing table – something casual with a variety cheeses, dips, and sweet and salty snacks.  It’s fun when I make the dips or salsas, people feel special when you make something for them.  Having the food just there when your guests arrive just make it easier for everyone to feel at ease instead of stopping the conversation for dinner or lunch.

What is a moment of self-indulgence you take for yourself during your day? What do you do?

Morning – watering or spraying my plants just sets my mood for the day.


Evening – Nighttime skin routine.  It’s my time to wind down at the end of the day.  I’ve indulged into a seven step skincare routine the past year and it just helps me be present in the moment.  After that I get into my pyjamas and relax with on the couch with my husband and watch TV.

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