Which Bukhoor Should I Use?

Growing up in the Arabian Gulf, lighting a coal and then burning a piece of bukhoor is second nature.  Whether it’s getting rid of the smell of cooking, putting it in your closet to perfume your clothes, or to بخر  “bakheer” (incense) yourself right before leaving the house.  There are different bukhoor for these different needs.  For example, you would not use the most expensive bukhoor that your mother-in-law or father gifted to you after you cook.

The best thing to use after cooking is معمول “mamool”, which is buhkoor that has been soaked in oud or another form of scented oil.  Mamol is great for eliminating bad odors in the home.  My favorite is Al Marshoud’s Maroon Mamool.  Another trick that is good for eliminating cooking odors, such as fish, from the home before burning your mamool is to burn some frankincense, before burning bukhoor.  This is a trick my mother taught me, it’s also believed to burn the germs in the air.  Useful during flu season!

As for your incensing your closet and sheets, I love to use another mamool from Al Marshood called Thabab.  After using it I follow it up with a nice piece of bukhoor.  That way you can guarantee you smell great whenever you go out.

When guests come over, I love to use Fumus’ Bukhoor Al Beit, which my best friend’s aunt introduced me to.  Fumus is a bukhoor brand that has a shop in Shuwaikh and an online store.  They carry a range of everything you need to scent your home and self, sprays, candles, bukhoor, and difussers.  Their Bukhoor Al Beit has the freshest smell that is so inviting.  Once someone comes over, the want to prop themselves on your couch.

There are different ways to use bukhoor. I love the ritual of it.  Any reason you will use it will make your day feel fresher, so go on light up that piece of coal and burn your bukhoor.

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