Al Rihla at the Johri Bazaar with Cocoa and Jasmine

Ibn Battuta traversed 44 countries over the span of 25 years before returning home.
His travels were comforted by the hospitality and generosity of the locals, particularly the vendors who introduced him to different delicacies and wares.  The bazaars of Jaipur have had the same effect on us, a place where vendors regularly introduce us to treat’s we’ve never heard of,  wares we fall in love with. It is the heartbeat of its city.
Let us introduce you to a few of the jewels of the Johri Bazaar, with some our favorite women in noon.
Reetika in the Genovese Dress
Merchant: Mawa Specialist
Shop no. 117, Ramdaas Satyanarayan SK Brand Mawa, Gopal ji ka Rasta, Johri Bazaar
Parveen in the Queen Dress
Merchant: Pawn Shop
Shop no. 95, Nirmal Chand Jain, Johri Bazaar Road, Johri Bazaar.
Garima in the Short Sakshi Dress
Merchant: Ghevar & Finni Specialist
Shop no. 100, Meethe Ghevar Finni, Gopal ji Ka Rasta, Johri Bazaar.
Shaviyya in the Short Urban Yemeni Dress.
Merchant: Pearl Dealer
Shop no. 124, Shiva sahaya, Khowalon ka chowk, Johri Bazaar.
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Images by Cocoa & Jasmine.
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