We decided to take a trip to Thailand. We ordered food from the most authentic and delicious local place, Phet Phet. We visited Lulu Hypermarket to pick up local vegetation to Thailand and its surrounding tropical countries. We chose a beautiful spot in the garden and created our little adventure.

We used these stunning foreign fruits as centerpieces. It allows for questions to flow, curiosity to wander, and for the children to discover new tastes on their own. What grows on a tree? What comes from the earth? How does it taste? Their colors, scents, and flavor are all new to them. Trying food out of their comfort zone is also important- a little spice, some tang, and all these new herbs. Why did we decorate using fishing nets?  Well- let’s talk about the Thai means of living. Why is the sea so crucial? Why is our spread so dominated by seafood?

Until we have the honor to visit Thailand in person, our ecru voyage will be the closest thing to a trip. I urge you to create these adventures with your children and encourage questions and curiosity.

Here is the list we used for our table setting –

Fruits we used: Coconut, mango, papaya, passionfruit, sugarcane, lemongrass, dragonfruit, lime, and tamarind.

The natural decor we used: banana leaves and a fishing net.

ecru product used: Yellow Gingham Tablecloth and Napkins, and Fish Plates.

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