Friday Market, Paris

Every Friday morning, I go to the market in my area to shop for the whole week.  Fresh food only! 

Farmers Market

I have my favourite market farmer, it is a family who grow their own vegetables right outside Paris. I am happy to buy good quality seasonal vegetables. 

Farmers Market

The best  cheesemaker, who also sells fresh eggs and yogurt, loves to tell the story behind every cheese. 

I love the apple seller, an old sweet woman who sells apples all year long. Trust her, she will choose the best apples mix for you to make an apple compote.

I buy fish or meat alternatively, excellent quality of product. 

Farmers Market

The vendors love and respect their work, and I am happy to support them and eat good food. 

I always end up going to the flower seller, to add a bit of colour to my house. At the moment it is Peony season! 

Farmers Market

And before I leave, I get my warm manouche at the Lebanese stall! 

It is almost like a ritual, we meet every week , we chat, we laugh, we exchange, so why would I go to the supermarket?

Deborah Difiore

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