Love Shells with Zeenat

As a kid in the 90’s, i was introduced to seashells by my mum who used this very unusual seashell door curtain at home and preserved it almost like jewels. She also had some ‘Cowrie’ shells in a Little purse in her cupboard. She had saved them because at once they were even used as currency she said!


These Cowrie shells have a unique shape and if you venture down around the coasts of southern India, you might find a lot of shops selling engraved Cowries. Some engrave the names of their lovers, some cities and some just engrave quotes. 

Love Shell Kaftan

These Cowries remind me of my mum and her love for seashells which inspired me to create ‘HUB’ Arabic for Love – a custom Arabic lettering for ecru.

Zeenat Kulavoor 

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