Prarthna Singh the Gift of Courage

Prarthna is an inspiration. Through her art form she tackles social and political issues in an extremely poignant way that never cease to move and inspire us. She looks at Women through a lens of strength, never victimizing, always empowering, always admiring. Her photographs make us want to dive into the stories of these women, learn from their strengths, their motivation, their encouraging characters. Prarthna does not sugar coat, she tells it how it is, and we love that about her. We also love the work she has done capturing the beauty of the simplest of objects designed and used daily in India, this was the work that introduced us to Prarthna, the book she worked on in collaboration with her closest friends is called SAR: The Essence of Indian Design. 

She is an excellent photographer and a great friend. Prarthna was also responsible for one of our favorite photoshoots for noon, ’25 Miles Into The Desert’. We are proud to present her beautiful photographs and interpretation of ecru to you. 

Our Marble Juicer, Glass Carafe, and Marble Hand Box captured beautifully by Prarthna.  

More information about Prarthna can be found on her website.  

(Images courtesy of Prarthna Singh) 


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