Moving Titles

There are a few books that you throughout your life that really move you and change your worldview.  For me, there are four titles that made me think about the world differently.   

1. I’ve read Naguib Mahfouz’s Children of the Alley twice, once during high school and then I had to reread it for a literature class in university.  It is only when I read it a second time that I actually grasped what it was about.  And once I did, my philosophy on life changed.  

2.  Jeffery Eugenides is one of my favorite contemporary writers.  I went through his Pulitzer Prize-winning novel Middlesex in a breeze.  This epic novel spans three generations and two continents.  A beautiful book, that should not be missed. 

3. Another title that I had to read for a university was Shakespeare’s play, King Lear.  This play is about family strife, inheritance, and love.  

4.  To Kill a Mocking Bird is a wonderful coming of age novel by Harper Lee.  In addition to this book being so great, the movie version is one of the few great book to film adaptation.  Definitely worth the read and watch.  


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