Surreal Minimalism

“A house like me” is the description Curzio Malaparte used to describe the house he built for himself, with the help of Adolfo Amitrano, on a remote cliff in Capri.  Cruzio decided to build Casa Malaparte in seclusion after his return from exile because he wanted more privacy.   

The red masonry box of a house is on a cliff thirty-two meters above the sea overlooking the beautiful Gulf of Salerno.  What makes this minimalist house so surreal, is how the house has become part of the nature that surrounds it.  

Casa Malaparte became famous in 1963 when Jean- Luc Godard shot his film “Contempt”.  Today the house can be accessed by sea or through the steep stairs.  Once reaching the house, many visitors are overwhelmed by the location and are mesmerized by its “dream-like” quality.  


(Images courtesy of Architectural Digest, Google Images, Miss Moss, and Travel Modus) 

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