Horst P. Horst, the Regular Avant-Garde

“I like taking photographs because I like life.  And I love photographing people best of all because most of all I love humanity.”  

During Horst P. Horst’s sixty-year spanning career he was able to capture images of elegance, style, and glamour but always by filling them with life.  Horst’s career started in Paris with French Vogue in the 1930s and soon after he moved to American Vogue.

His famous images are from the magazine during the interwar period when he was highly influenced by many of his friends in the art world.  He “tamed the avant-garde to serve fashion.”  Horst’s summer covers for American Vogue show this playful artistic aesthetic that took something regular, such as putting on lipstick, by making it fantastic.


(Images courtesy of Vogue)

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