Lebanon, A Source of Infinite Inspiration

People often ask me where home is, and it is something I find very difficult to explain. The way I usually put it is that I was raised in Kuwait, Kuwait gave me a culture that was similar but also completely different from my own, a warmth and generosity unparalleled. My work base, Jaipur gave me my passion, it allows me to work with masters, it teaches me new things every day, it is the place where I matured the most surrounded by friends who fast became family. 

Beirut, Lebanon, however, is different. Beirut is the chaotic city in which I feel the most comfortable. Both my eyes and my ears are stimulated, passing interactions, moments of warmth in mayhem. It does something to me that no other city can do. I arrived to Beirut a month ago after having not been back for over a year due to World’s bizarre circumstance. Today we are going into a total lock down so I thought to share some beautiful experiences I had prior to lockdown.  Stay tuned…

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