Sharing Beauty

The importance of sharing beauty and food, even virtually, has never been so highlighted.  Enjoying and savoring these precious gifts is a constant reminder that we are the fortunate ones.  It is part of our culture to share and to help those who are less fortunate.  We know and are very proud to see, so many helping those in their reach.  Nothing is more important now.  If you are interested in sharing with those slightly farther we have compiled a list of organizations we trust and believe in as suggestions.

India NGOs & Charities

Talab Khan – A fund to help a community of folk musicians and dancers in Rajasthan who normally leave their villages to perform and now are unable to move considering the circumstances.

Ketto – Karwan e Mohabbat and a team of volunteers are reaching out to the most vulnerable people and communities who find themselves stranded without work, food, and home during the lockdown announced by the Indian government. As millions of daily wage laborers and working-class people take to the highways to find their way home, the war against COVID is becoming a humanitarian crisis.

Safa – Daily wage workers in India have had to walk for miles to reach their villages, some dying en route. Their daily bread is what they earn working day today in cities, hand to mouth circumstances. These workers are unable to work today, Safa is an organization that has been distributing food and care packages in Hyderabad, North Karnataka, Bangalore, and Chennai.

Feeding India – Powered by Zomato are working to provide food support to families of daily wage earners to help them with a reliable supply of meals in the absence of employment opportunities. Read more about what they are doing on their site.

Lebanon NGOs & Charities

Food Blessed – Food blessed is a local hunger relief initiative that works with businesses and civil society to reduce the number of people going hungry in Lebanon.

Anti-Racist Movement – Anti-Racism Movement (ARM) was launched in 2010 as a grassroots collective by young Lebanese feminist activists in collaboration with migrant workers and migrant domestic workers.

Sesobel – Since 1976, SESOBEL has taken all possible steps to implement a coherent and monitored service of assisting children with disabilities and to accompany their families as partners in facing life’s challenges.

KAFA – KAFA (enough) Violence & Exploitation is a feminist, secular, Lebanese, non-profit, non-governmental civil society organization seeking to create a society that is free of social, economic, and legal patriarchal structures that discriminate against women. 

Just Help – A new form of a food drive.

Kuwait NGOs & Charities

Istiqrar Kuwait – Charity aiming to donate groceries to Bidoon (Stateless) families during the COVID-19 crisis.

SWS – Protects and supports vulnerable populations as well as advocating to further advance human rights in Kuwait.  During the COVID-19 crisis, they have been focusing on how to help these communities, specifically ex-pats who have lost their jobs and income in this difficult time. 

The more of us share, the better it is. 

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