Adele’s Artichokes


400 grams of chickpea (can or dried)

2 Pots of artichoke hearts

2 Onions sliced in rondels

1 Tablespoon of butter

1 Lemon Juiced

Parsley Leaves for decoration

Salt and Pepper



First, let us prepare the chickpeas if they are dried then soak them overnight with a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda.

Once soaked then boil them for roughly 30 minutes until tender. If you are using a can then rinse them well.

I usually soak my chickpeas in freshwater once ready and while soaking them in the water I rub them together for the skin to loosen and flow up to the top.

Once the skin floats up to the surface of the water, skim it off. Naked chickpeas are the best, not essential but helps with digestion!

In a pan heat your tablespoon of butter on low heat, as soon as the butter begins to melt throw in your chickpeas to sauté them until they begin to have a golden shine to them.

Then throw in the onion roundels, wait till they begin to become transparent, as soon as this happens put in some water so the chickpeas and onions cook without burning and caramelize slightly when you feel the water is reducing slightly and you have what feels like a sauce add the artichoke hearts. Feel free to add water whenever you want to hydrate, it should never feel dry.  Wait until the artichokes are tender, constantly basting them with the sauce you’ve formed. When the dish is ready, and your artichokes are tender cover them in the lemon juice, salt, and pepper. Maybe pour half the juice over and taste, I love it extra tangy so I can go overboard with my lemon juice, a critique I often get from a certain Italian man.

Once ready, put the artichokes on your serving plate, place the chickpeas and onions in the heart of the artichoke, and decorate with a parsley leaf as an added touch of color.


(Images courtesy of ecru)  

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